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Spring Traffic Surveys

March 2018


With the February half term over and the storms and snow from Emma now abating across the United Kingdom QTS are fully up and running and carrying out surveys already for clients across the country. Please do get in touch with the team to book your works in and to receive a competitive and rounded quote. For most Schools Easter break is the last week in March and first week in April so that leaves only four weeks to get data collected before the end of Spring and this financial year.


March 2018


QTS's first project post storm Emma is a large study for a planning consultancy and LIDL at one of the stores in Manchester. Face to Face interviews as well as a study into the different parking patterns of shoppers across 4 days to collect data to help with future stores as well as looking at improving the customer experience.

Pembroke Docks

February 2018


QTS have conducted and completed a number of surveys in multiple locations across Wales, primarily for welsh traffic and planning consultancies which we have been working with for the past few years.  Pembroke Docks included classified turning counts at six junctions and two ATC’s to be installed.  The six junctions were surveyed as part of the Marine Project in the local area.

Enfield Council Parking Study

February 2018


QTS was contracted to carry out a large parking beat and car park study in the Enfield Town area, surrounding the train station. The project had a tight turnaround of only five days. The survey encompassed multiple roads in the local area as well as nine local car parks. The survey was conducted on one weekday and one Saturday from 11:00 to 20:00 on both days.  Bi-hourly beats were taken to assess the parking stress levels in the Enfield Town area.  The results were tabulated and delivered to client in excel format as standard.

Noak Hill, Romford

January 2018


QTS install hundreds of ATC’s across the length and breadth of the UK every year.  The first ATC job won by QTS this year was in Noak Hill, Romford (2 minutes from one of our Directors houses).  Also local to the companies head office, the client required one counter to be installed on Goatswood Lane for seven days to record both class and speed results to assist with Visibility Splay works for an access.

South Kilburn – SAM TRICS

January 2018


QTS complete numerous TRICS works every year including SAM sites.  The first SAM TRICS site we were commissioned to survey this year was in South Kilburn.  The Chase House, Franklin House and Hollister House development is located on Hansel Road; this is where the surveys took place.  The surveys were carried out successfully and the data was delivered to a satisfied client in a timely fashion.

Cambridge Science Park

January 2018


QTS has been commissioned by the science park and a world wide consultancy to carry out a detailed parking study for one of the largest sites on the estate. The data collected will show how each area is used and allow a better design and more ergonomic design to be implemented in lines with the sites environmental plans and policies. The works are for two weeks with a tight deadline as the work was postponed until after Christmas and New year due to adverse weather conditions.

Merry Christmas

December 2017


QTS would like to wish all its clients a very merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous new year.
We very much look forward to working with you all throughout 2018 and beyond.

Cefn Fforest

December 2017


Another successful project for a client we conduct a number of surveys for each month and have done so for a number of years now. We were commissioned to undertake MCC and Queue Length studies at 10 sites in Cefn Fforest, Wales. All were delivered with the footage within the specified 10 day turnaround time. Long may our continued working relationship run.

Godstone traffic survey

December 2017


A first project for a new client, QTS were very pleased to successfully undertake and deliver a study inclusive of 9 MCC sites and Queue Length studies within the area of Godstone, Surrey. The sites included the M25/A22 interchange junction where 12 cameras were deployed to cover all movements and Queues on the interchange. with a further 22 cameras to cover the remaining sites. All works required a swift turnaround time, and QTS were able to deliver all within 8 working days. Communication between QTS and our client here were key as we delivered sites in order of priority given by our client so as they had certain sites to start working with. Some were delivered within 3 working days of surveys completion.


We very much look forward to continuing a very pleasant working relationship with our new client on further projects in the New Year!

Lest We forget

November 2017


QTS will be observing the national two minutes silence on 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. We ask our clients and suppliers to hold emails and calls for these two minutes and our staff to pause in thought. Thank you.

Basildon car park survey

November 2017


QTS have recently undertaken two car parks over a seven day period in the town centre. The hours were 07:00-23:00. The first car park being a small open car park, the second being an 11 floor multi-story car
park. This meant we would have to count the car park before every period to gain 100% accuracy with the accumulation sheet. Multiple SD changes and many hours of video footage to assess, gave us the relevant
data we required.

Isle Of Wight

November 2017


Continuing our excellent working relationship with the Isle of Wight council over the past few years. We have just finished a survey of four cross junctions/ roundabouts on the island. The survey was for two days, a Friday and Saturday. The four locations all flow into one another with one directly into a Morrison’s supermarket. Due to location we had a two person team stay on the site during filming to look after the equipment.

RAF Marham

November 2017


QTS have now completed a fourth year working with RAF Marham and look forward to continuing this next year in supplying their data collection requirements. With the deployment of the new RAF/NAVY fighter plans for the use of two Elizabeth Class Carriers at RAF Marham, the base has a long term future as a strategic base for UK defence operations and therefore data collection will continue for many years to come. We thank all those that the base and in HM Forces for the work they do protecting the UK.

TRICS East Midlands

October 2017


QTS have been selected to undertake a huge four year project in the Kings Cross area. This is a Pedestrian study and its main purpose is to gain an understanding of how pedestrians move around the surrounding area. The data can then be used to make changes to the area as the city grows and expands. September represents the third month of the four year project. Multiple locations and cameras are used with locations changing month to month.

Brent Cross footage study

October 2017


QTS was part of a group of companies commissioned to undertake a footage study. We provided video footage on multiple busy junctions and roundabouts in and around the town centre. QTS committed eighteen cameras to the project and was pivotal in helping complete the survey. This was a two day study (Tuesday and Saturday) and needed a quick turnaround for the client. Working for other Survey Companies is something we often do. Your data may very well have been collected and counted by QTS working on behalf of other surveys companies. QTS however does not subcontract works out to as we prefer to keep control of the works.

Kings Cross pedestrian study

September 2017


QTS have been selected to undertake a huge four year project in the Kings Cross area. This is a Pedestrian study and its main purpose is to gain an understanding of how pedestrians move around the surrounding area. The data can then be used to make changes to the area as the city grows and expands. September represents the third month of the four year project. Multiple locations and cameras are used with locations changing month to month.

TRICS Traffic Surveys 2017

August 2017


QTS have successfully won two large tenders for TRICS Surveys in the South East and West Midlands Regions of England. Comprising over 50 sites in total varying from small flats to large retail parks these surveys once completed and validated are added to the nations largest Trip and Property database which is used by over 500 different councils, consultants and planners to assist in all varying types of developments. The projects require a detail level of work not normally associated with standard traffic surveys and our in house specialist Mr Chris James, Mr Sam Burgues and Mr Josh Daly are already working on the large project to deliver the data by the end of October.

Ann Summers Retail Study

August 2017


Appointed to carry out footfall counts at Ann Summers Bluewater store using one of our newest and light weight camera systems which is the size of a standard bag of sugar. The data was collected over a weekend and then all counts delivered the following Monday for the client. Our data was used to compare static people counting devices and showed a large difference in numbers at specific times, highlighting the reliability of solid, old fashioned camera surveys over sensors for certain types of works.

Ilford Pedestrian Study

August 2017


QTS was appointed directly for the project of the back of excellent work on recent studies in Ilford for the councils Crossrail developments and Parking Permit Zones. The study required over 20 static cameras to record pedestrian movements in over 40 locations around the town centre as well as collecting detailed dwell and observation data to help the council with plans for changes to the town centre layout and to improve the flow of people around core areas of the town. The project was managed on site by Mr Chris James and the in house data analysis by Mr Adam Carter. It has been delivered to the council team whom will use the data to help make decisions that impact the local area for the next 20 years.

Islington Council Parking Beat

July 2017


QTS recently undertook a parking beat survey of the Harvist Estate and surrounding area in Islington. The project was managed by Sam Burgues and was an unusual parking beat as it required all types of parking including private areas to be surveyed. The different parking areas were all surveyed separately as the client needed to know how they were being used due to proposed plans to remove some of the areas. The survey methodology involved two overnight beats including a full inventory inclusive of all road markings and parking restrictions. The survey was a success from the onsite works through to the analysis. We are pleased to have delivered a high standard of data and look forward to carrying out similar works in the future.

Balham Sainsbury’s Interviews and CCTV

June 2017


This project required one weekday and a weekend of all day interviews within the Balham Sainsbury’s store.
In addition to this we were also required to provide full CCTV coverage of the 181 space sized car park

to enable the client to observe those who used the car park for shopping at Sainsbury’s.


The interview side of the project needed six of the busiest tills to be covered by our staff at all times
during the survey to establish the customer’s method of transport and additionally how much they spend
In store.


There works needed a quick turn -around, therefore we were able to provide full results from the interviews within two days of the final survey day despite this being during a Bank Holiday weekend. The footage

was provided to the client shortly after the jobs completion.

The City of Bradford Metropolitan Council

April 2017


Within the district of Keighley, Bradford Council were looking to ascertain an Origin and Destination study of all vehicles journeying from all arms to and from Beechcliff roundabout and Bradford Roundabout. The 2 sites are located at each end of Hardings Road about a mile apart. The study was to be undertaken for 12hrs each day over a 4 day period and require the use of over 30 ANPR cameras.


Upon discussions with the council we at QTS realised that there was perhaps a more cost efficient alternative to an Origin and Destination study based upon the clients specifications and requirements. We suggested that an MCC study at each roundabout over the 4 days may be adequate, and with cost savings we could record all turning movements at all 9 locations along Hardings Road that link the 2 sites. We indicated the price for these works would still come in way under the councils budget.


We provided methodologies, costs and timescales for each scenario. Bradford council commissioned QTS to undertake the MCC at both roundabouts and the 9 sites along Hardings Road.

Greenwich HGV Study

April 2017


QTS were asked to undertake a 72 hour ANPR study within Greenwich at four locations; this was also in conjunction with an MCC study within the same time frame.


This study allowed an analysis and identification of illegal HGV activity along key residential roads where such activity has been forbidden and clear signage has been installed at the edges of these zones. The MCC sheets as well as having the standard MCC counts had notes for every HGV occurrence to then be quickly matched
up with the ANPR footage and for HGV’s to be identified and screen shots obtained to use by the client to
issue warnings.

Redbridge Wanstead High Street Parking Consultation

April 2017


This job involved multiple aspects but with each one to essentially find out peoples standpoint on a change
to the local parking situation.


Each one of the 125 business  along the High Street were provided a chance to give feedback to the new scheme and QTS were there to chase up on this approach by going door to door and assisting/encouraging as much feedback as possible. The packs they were given included mappings of the existing situation and the proposed changes. The existing information street inventory was also created by QTS and commissioned by Redbridge council as part of an earlier stage of this process.


Leaflets were also handed out at key locations to encourage online questionnaires to be filled in. To maximize coverage these leaflets were handed out at the weekend during the day and also two weekdays during the peak commuter period.


Finally we conducted shopper’s questionnaires a several locations along the high street to get the opinion
of the man/woman on the street, if lacking for time to conduct the interview we would hand out the full questionnaires with details/explanations to be completed at a later date.  These questionnaires were conducted over four days including during the Farmers Market to get a good range of opinion.

PV2 Surveys for Greenwich

April 2017


QTS was approached to help design a set of traffic surveys to collect data pertaining to the mixture of traffic and pedestrian usage on a number of stretches of road in and around central Greenwich. PV2 surveys require both classified traffic counts as well as crossing counts of pedestrians at numerous locations to help determine the need for additional crossing points and the type to be installed. The work was undertaken over a two week period to supply a robust data set that covered numerous weather conditions, school days, weekends and differing levels of traffic. A successful project delivered by Josh Daly to the client.

Wales TRICS Surveys 2017

April 2017


Quality Traffic Surveys have been appointed to undertake the 2017 TRICS data collection surveys in Wales. The numerous Level 1 and Level 2 sites required help form part of a UK wide database that enables developers, planners and engineers to have base level data and reference points for when they are looking at new developments, remodelling or alterations to existing developments. Only a limited number of Traffic Survey companies are TRICS accredited and this is something the business and our TRICS Manager Mr Chris James are very proud off.

Bath Mutli Modal Traffic Survey

February 2017


QTS were instructed to carry out a fully classified survey, including turning counts and queue lengths in 10 minute periods at six sites, as well as a number of ATC devises in Sulis Down, Bath. Upon acceptance of the work our client requested a subsequent Origin and Destination study within the area also. There were 9 bi directional sites on both major and minor roads in/out of the town. The data was matched to provide OD data for these main routing, using a maximum travel time filter pre-agreed with the client. The data gave a high level of accuracy and robustness insofar as the model matrices were part based on true observed data.

Enfield - 'Lambeth Methodology' Parking Beat Study

February 2017


QTS recently undertook a large parking beat survey spanning seven new developments in Enfield, conducted on behalf of Enfield council. The job was project managed by Joshua Daly and the scope of the survey was to understand the impact of the new developments on parking in the borough. The survey methodology included site inventory maps as well as each individual beat mapped and every beat tabulated in Excel format. The survey was a success all the way from the onsite works to the analysis side of the project in the office. We are pleased to say that we delivered a high standard of data on a reasonably large scale and we are enthused to do more work of a similar nature.

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Watford and Beaconsfield Traffic Study

January 2017


Working in collaboration with JNP group and Millbridge group we undertook a multi disciplined study in
and around the Watford and Beaconsfield areas. The main focal point was the M25/A41 Junction where
fully classified turning counts with Mean Maximum Queue Lengths and Saturation flows with DOS were undertaken. ANPR studies were undertaken to obtain the Origin and Destination of vehicles that access the services at Beaconsfield as well as further MCC, Queues and Sat Flows with DOS at a number of surrounding junctions. This particular project was allocated to 3 Project managers and split by area. This helped to allow for all aspects of works to be conducted and managed simultaneously thus delivering to our clients in a
timely fashion.

English Heritage - Marble House Survey Contract

January 2017


QTS are again about to carry out pedestrian and access surveys at this prestigious English Heritage property and park to assess the usage and differing activities of people using the vast park and facilities. This work is on going and represents one of QTS's long term contracts for works continuing throughout 2017 and 2018.

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