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Yarnton Way, Thamesmead - Lime Transport

December 2015


In recent months QTS have built a great rapport with a new client - Lime Transport. We have been assisting with their data collection in the Yarnton Way area of Thamesmead as part of the redevelopment scheme. Numerous surveys were undertaken, including; ATC's, Pedestrian Counts and Parking Beats. All surveys were a complete success and we look forward to a bright 2016 working closely with Lime Transport.

Kensington & Chelsea Development Studies

November 2015


QTS have continued to work with a multinational Engineering firm and local business on the research and data collection side of a multimillion pound project in the area. With large scale parking beats, pedestrian counts, station counts and queue data studies continuing from the previous works in the summer. The project is continuing and QTS will be doing further works on this in 2016.

Greenwich Council - William Barefoot Drive Area

November 2015


QTS undertook a 90 ATC job in the William Barefoot Drive Area of Greenwich for 2 weeks.

We had a successful survey period all in all with all locations providing great data all within 95% or more accuracy. There was also very little down time despite the local Foxes best efforts! During this period we discovered that our fury friends have now expanded their diet to include rubber tube as well.

Lest We forget

November 2015


QTS will be observing the national two minutes silence on 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. We ask our clients and suppliers to hold emails and calls for these two minutes and our staff to pause in thought. Thank you.

Celebrating 5 Years of Traffic Solutions

October 2015


In September of this year QTS celebrated their 5th successful year operating within the Traffic and Transport data collection sector. We at QTS would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients in helping us succeed and develop over the last 5 years. We have enjoyed great success in both small and large multi-disciplined projects from single ATC installations through to large town planning projects requiring as many as 100 camera installations. We appreciate all the clients we have worked with in the past and hope to retain these and expand in the coming years.


We would also like to express our sincere appreciation for our employees for their loyal support, hard works and commitment, some of whom have been with us since the start in 2010. We could not have had the success we have enjoyed without them.


The last 5 years have been challenging, eventful and enjoyable. As a small business we have successfully come through a very difficult financial period within the economy and indeed this industry.


With both our existing and any new clients, along with staff, equipment and infrastructure we are confident that we will progress and enjoy even greater success over the next 5 years and many more thereafter.


Thank you! QTS Team

Company Charity Drive for Cancer

October 2015


Josh Daly with the owners permission signed the business up to 'Wear it Pink' day on 23rd October for Breast Cancer Research. All staff that day wore some form of pink including a football kit, Mankini (with modesty pouch), leotard and assorted shirts. The companies staff raised through small change donations over the month more then £100:00 and the business matched this with a donation of the same.

Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames -  Highway Development Schemes

August 2015


QTS have enjoyed winning a number of tenders for RBKUT throughout the course of 2015. Most notably were three larger projects won during the months of June through to August. The first of which was Portsmouth Road which consisted of 16 video turning counts, kerbside activity and pedestrian/cycle surveys. This was followed by Fountain Road and Robin Hood Roundabout, which together required the use of over

50 camera recording devises and 20 manual staff used for MCC, Ped/Cycle Parking beat and car park with accumulation studies, journey time (using in car camera recording devices) as well as bus movement analysis within the specified bus stop/stand and station locations. RBKUT have continued to be a regular client and QTS enjoys winning both large and smaller projects and working alongside RBKUT in their ongoing

town planning and highway development schemes.

Summer Clear-out

August 2015


As site work inevitably slowed down around the '6 weeks' Summer holiday we at QTS saw this as a perfect opportunity to have a 'summer clear-out' at our office and store.  We have also invested in new equipment to improve our output and efficiency.  This has included the purchase of new computers, the addition of a new video server and the upgrade of our vehicles to include in vehicle camera systems and upgrade of site tools.  As well as clearing out any unnecessary clutter the work place has become a more productive environment after a move of desks and furniture - making the whole office like a new work place.

Cornwall Council - Bodmin SEP Scheme

July 2015


‘Shared space’ was proposed for part of the town centre and this was to be modelled using a micro-simulation software package, to which allows detailed modelling of vehicular, cyclist, and pedestrian interactions. QTS therefore undertook traffic surveys which consisted of 34 MCC locations, 25 pedestrian controlled and uncontrolled locations as well as 40 ATC installations.  All works were delivered successfully within the specified time scales largely down to the hard works of the project manager Mr Robert Ford.


QTS Staff celebrate a successful Football Season

June 2015


Ben, Robert, Thomas and Josh from the teams full time staff as well a number of former and part time employees enjoyed Cup Success and Promotion at the end of the football season with their club Aldborough Hatch FC. Winning one cup final, Losing another under difficult circumstances and gaining promotion was a great success for the team in its first year back after a five year hiatus. The club is hoping to attract some new players next year as they step up to the highest level of Sunday League football in London and Essex so if any clients or suppliers know of any good players or would like to consider some sponsorship please get in touch with Ben or Thomas.


Fulham Parking Beat

May 2015


May this year saw QTS undertake one of the largest parking beat surveys they have ever undertaken.  The parking beat survey covered a large area of Kensington & Chelsea and an equally large area of Hammersmith & Fulham consisting of 11 residential zones in total between the 2 London boroughs.  The survey was successfully undertaken over the course of 4 days (2 weekday, 2 weekend).  Hundreds of roads later and a lot of hard work we are pleased to say it was a success, in fact it has lead onto a lot more work with the client which we envisage carrying on over the next 12-24 months as there work continues. The survey required over 500 staff hours on site taking measurements and recording all restrictions in the survey area before completing numerous beats to establish parking density, with Josh Daly running the works under the guidance of old hand Ben Moore.

Havering Tranche 8

April 2015


We regularly do parking beat surveys at primary and occasionally secondary schools in the London borough of Havering. This latest parking beat survey was the eight parking beat survey we have carried out in Havering this year. This particular survey also included a drop off study outside of the school gates.  We have done additional drop off surveys as a part of other parking beat surveys and we now regularly offer this extra service to our clients.

QTS accepted into the TFL Cycling Workplace Scheme

February 2015


QTS are pleased to announce that they have been accepted into the TfL Cycling Workplace Scheme.
The business has qualified for a number of credits which it is using against secure cycle storage and also
cycle maintenance training for the staff. The impact of travel methods to work is a key factor on congestion and QTS operates a car share scheme as well as interest free bike loans for staff to help reduce the companies carbon footprint and encourage a healthy active life style.

Fundraising for a worthy cause by one of our Staff

January 2015


Senior Estimator & Survey Specialist Ben Moore organised a fund raising event at his local pub The King George in Gants Hill, London on New Years eve with his close friend Kay Shearing from No Added Salt a children's food business. Both of them put in a lot of work and raised £200:00 for Great Ormond Street Hospital as well as putting on a great evening for all. QTS is proud that its staff help and contribute not just to the local community but also other worthy causes. Well done Ben. See GOSH Thank-You

Smethwick, West Midlands - Emissions source apportionment survey

January 2015


QTS have just completed an ANPR and MCC study on behalf of Sandwell council within the district of Smethwick, Birmingham, West Midlands.  The aim of the project was to determine the vehicle emission sources and classification of all vehicles for each hour during a 72 hour period within a defined cordoned zone. Using QTS ANPR technology we were able to determine the duration of stay and journey times for each vehicle with average speeds. Each vehicle was correlated with the DVLA database to determine the Euro emission standard of each vehicle that accessed the cordon. Using the Euro emission standard data together with ANPR duration of stay data it was possible to establish the proportion of NOx and PM10 emission rates per hour within the zone.


On 27th Jan 15 the final report was presented to the ward councillors who have requested piloting a Low Emission Zone. It is very nice to see the positive impact of our works.

Chelmer Waterside, Chelmsford, Multi purpose traffic survey

January 2015


Following on from an extensive job in the Essex region last year, QTS have got the go ahead to undertake a 16 site multi purpose traffic surveys within Chelmsford city centre.

The works include Classified Turning Counts, Car Park counts and Traffic Light Observation Results. Senior staff Ben Moore and Robert Ford will oversee this project along with the help off Malik Akbari and Thomas Moore as well as a number of automated systems the business uses.

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