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Seasons Greetings

December 2014


QTS wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year 2015

Cable Street, London, major Automatic Traffic Count (ATC) survey

December 2014


QTS have been commissioned, by Pax Consulting, to undertaken a vital ATC study in East London to gather information regarding cycle lane and vehicle activity along a busy commuter road. ATC's were installed both in the cycle lanes and the road. The ATC team doubled up each counter to guarantee a 100% success rate. In addition to this the ATC's were checked on a daily basis to decrease the chance of the tubes getting damaged.

Major Parking Beat works awarded to QTS for London Borough of Tower Hamlets

December 2014

Working with a national Transport Consultancy; QTS was appointed via them to work for The London Borough of Tower Hamlets to undertaken a large Parking Beat survey covering the entire area of the Borough. The works involved undertaking a day, night and weekend parking beat of all roads within the borough recording the use of
all permit types and total volume of parked traffic. This was a huge job, one which QTS was pleased to obtain and with the vast experience our staff have delivered the data within a two week window.


Community Support

November 2014

Quality Traffic Surveys was thanked at the AGM of the Aldborough Hatch Community association for the help they gave in data collection for Speed analysis in the area. Mr Ben Moore of QTS also sits on the committee for the Aldborough Hatch Defence Association and has a big role in the community where he currently Manages Aldborough Hatch Football Club and is also a Cub Scout Leader at the local Scout Troop. Other staff at QTS are also involved in the local community showing that QTS is indeed a local business with national reach. Robert Ford is the Chairman of the local football club, Thomas Moore the Captain, Sam Burgues is involved in Scouting and Josh Daly with his local church. (AGM Newsletter)


QTS Appointed for Large Scale Collection Project

October 2014

Working with a long standing consultant QTS delivered a large scale collection project involving over 60 lanes of traffic and car park lanes. Due to the large nature of the works the business had its senior staff on site throughout. Mr Richard Cumberworth was immensely happy to inform everyone that the success on site was down to a great team effort and some of the younger members of staff such as Mr Josh Daly & Mr Sam Burgess really stepping up to the plate. The future of the business is in safe hands with these young and up and coming members of staff,


Cambridge NHS Trust Appoints QTS

October 2014

Following on from the Bedford works QTS have been appointed by Cambridge NHS Trust to collect and collate a large multi modal survey at Addenbrooks Hospital, Cambridge. This is a project that senior staff Thomas Moore, Richard Cumberworth and Ben Moore have all worked on before when employed at previous businesses and is a prestigious job to be awarded. The data collection includes ANPR, MCC, Pedestrian, Car Park and Interview works.

Haringay & Greenwich Council both Appoint QTS

July & September 2014

Haringay & Greenwich Council both appoint QTS to run and work on large scale ATC Projects in each borough with 140 and 90 counters being installed in each respectively by our ATC teams. Mr Robert Ford whom has overseen the works on both planned and coordinated the works and delivery of over 700 Traffic Reports to the clients.

QTS Move to New Purposely Designed Office

April 2014

QTS have moved to a new purposely designed office and store area that allows the business to manage its costs better and have access to better facilities and secure parking and self designed work space. The new office allows the teams of staff to work closer with each other and has coincided with the installation of a new IT setup, server and fast speed broadband.

QTS Awarded a 5 Year Contract with RAF Marham

March 2014

QTS are pleased to announce that they have been assigned and awarded a 5 year contract with RAF Marham for all their data collection and survey needs. This is a prestigious contract to be awarded and was worked on by our Senior Estimator Ben Moore whom in the process of meeting senior Warrant Officers and Offices at the base was lucky enough to witness a number of the UK's Fighter planes landing and taking off on exercises - A remarkable experience he tells us all.

Quality Traffic Surveys

ISO 9001 Audit - Quality Traffic Survey Management Team

January 2014

We at QTS are very proud to announce that our ISO 9001 Internal Audit on 13th January was a pass (the top possible mark). An excellent way to start the new year, but also a clear sign of our continuing commitment to high standards of excellence and the robust nature of our internal systems of management. This coming year gives us a very positive and strong base to build even further upon.

TRICS Dublin Surveys - Mr Chris James

September 2013

As part of our continuing work with the TRICS Consortium this case study looks at the works we did in Dublin, Ireland during September. The study focuses on our ability to work on large overseas projects across multiple areas, employing large numbers of staff and delivering the results to a very professional standard. (Download Case study)

Quality Traffic Surveys, QTS

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