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September 218


Our client required a number of traffic surveys to be carried out over a 7 day period at the end of August and the end of September in Duxford, Cambridgeshire. The purpose of the study was to quantify the traffic flows around the Imperial War Museum Duxford. The survey includes MCC and Queue Length studies of the M11/A505 interchange and surrounding junctions along the A505.  We have so far conducted and delivered the August study to our client and look forward to commencing the September study at the end of the month and comparing results.



Crystal Palace

July 2018


QTS were commissioned to undertake a multi discipline study consisting of MCC, Journey times, Queue Lengths and Saturation Flows with DOS, across a period of 7 days. The purpose of the study was to compare survey results prior to the development of the area. This study had very particular requirements so it was necessary for extensive communication with our client to determine the exact locations of the cameras and methodologies to ensure all was met prior to the commencement of the study. Data was delivered within the clients own specific templates, and all footage was provided via FTP.


July 2018


We recently commenced a MCC survey of  seven sites in Cardiff. These included three big roundabouts in and around a food store and retail park. With the sites being close in proximity it needed accurate capture of the footage using multiple cameras. Factoring in the travel and early start we was very happy with the outcome of this survey. Plus it was a nice sunny day as well which always helps.

Cromer Tennis Club

June 2018


QTS was commissioned to carry out a parking beat with short notice and a quick turn around time  this comprised of three car parks in Cromer, with a twice hourly beat for each, this was carried out on the Saturday and Tuesday. We also had to note Cycle parking spaces. Over 50 pictures were also supplied to the client as part of a comprehensive study. This included the number of spaces in each car park and the actual number occupied in every period. The client was very happy with the short turn around (commissioned on the Friday at 16:00) and the speedy turnaround of the data.

Yarton Way

June 2018


This was a 38 movement pedestrian survey in south London. It needed strategic placement of multiple cameras to capture the relevant movements of the pedestrians as they pass through a number of the survey zones. To ensure all zones was being covered by cameras meant assessing on site that morning which locations best suited the survey. Then came the ltask of counting and tracking all the pedestrians over the pavements, road, bridges and off course on/off buses as well!

Kings Cross

May 2018


QTS is still working on this on going project for one of the worlds leading pedestrian modelling companies as they work with the developers and land agenst to transform this idilic station and surrounding area. We are in to our second year of a four year contract to supply pedestrian data on nine separate locations just two minutes walk from Kings Cross station itself.


April 2018


We was asked to carry out an extensive 24hrs, seven day survey of Jaguar/ Range Rover manufacturers in Liverpool. There was eight locations on this car manufacturing site covering many entrances and exits. This MCTC site was to assess not just what vehicles come in, but to when and where they go when they do. There was also the difficulties of recording the many many on site plant vehicles to track. This was a difficult process with many hours spent sorting through the enormous amount of footage. After all this the client was very happy with the swiftness of the work and the data received. Unfortunately we was not given a Range Rover as a reward.... So I have to continue with my Focus 05 plate maroon car, oh well maybe next time



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