Classified Turning Count


Using QTS digital cameras to record traffic movements for analysis allows us to perform quality assurance checks and ensures 95% accuracy level for all our data collection. Filming allows us to undertake both simple classified priority junction counts to large multi armed roundabouts and complex road network surveys.

Link Flow Count


Using QTS digital video technology allows a permanent record of highway links. It also allows us to perform quality checks and ensures 95% accuracy level. All data can be presented fully classed over any period of time.

Journey Times


Journey Time studies can be conducted manually or using our in vehicle GPS camera system. Our recordings show all timings between each point and elapsed times as standard as well as feature delay and other delay times with necessary explanations. Data can be formatted into any required template and we have experience doing numerous Bus Journey Time studies recording timings of AVL points and Boarding and Aligning time studies. We provide summery sheets that detail various averages for each run time that give our clients a clear mean view of the data over each period studied.

Saturation Flow and Degree of Saturation


We at QTS have developed our methodologies and trained our staff to an extremely efficient standard in recording saturation flows. We have the ability to both manually record onsite and digitally record to analyse in our office. PCU values, signal green phases and cycle times are recorded and used to calculate the degree of saturation, as to assist our clients to produce a validated base TRANSYT/LINSIG model that adheres to current DTO guidelines.



Using QTS advanced ANPR camera technology of up to 50 cameras we are able to provide our clients with accurate Origin and Destination data of every vehicle within the specified survey field. We are able to provide vehicle journey times with average speeds and percentiles, as well as duration of stay information for car parks or city centre studies. Small scale or large scale projects are all run with the same dedication

Queue Length


We incorporate both fully classified vehicle queue length measurements together with PCU values and if necessary can be supplied in metres. We provide Simplified, Signalised, Non Signalised, and Mean Maximum Queue Length studies in accordance with DTO guidelines.


Our clients often require Queue Length surveys to be recorded in conjunction with MCC’s allowing us to supply a cost effective package for both survey types.



Both manually and using QTS technology we provide our clients with accurate assessments of complicated pedestrian movements and behaviour, footfall studies, and high density crowd studies. We are also keen to provide PV2 analysis in order to assist with the development of safety on our roads and sidewalks (pavements).

Cycle Surveys


There are more and more cyclists on our roads each year, local authorities are keen to increase their carbon footprint as the Mayor of London’s hire cycle scheme shows.
Our digital recording equipment allows us to provide comprehensive analysis showing cycle movements, age; and time.



Parking Beats


QTS ‘Parking beat’ studies show the vacant capacity and trends of parking availabilities in existing systems and allows for plans to be made to accommodate new developments or alterations. Using Mapinfo we are able to provide a detailed street inventory, showing all street furniture, road markings and parking availability of any sized area.

Interview Surveys


We believe our staff’s experience, courteous and mild mannered approach to interviewing the general public is key to obtaining quality origin and destination information including postcodes as well as other individual travel patterns, and shopping habits.


Car Park Surveys


QTS supply car park occupancy data over any specified period, detailing entry and exit turning counts or simple parking beats, both can be supplied with accumulated data. Using QTS ANPR technology we offer a service whereby we can determine the duration of stay of vehicles accessing the car park, and able to classify if necessary. Recordings of bay types, total number of bays, and vehicles at start and end of each survey are also recorded.

Road Side Interviews (RSI)


QTS have extensive experience in undertaking RSI surveys from single site carriageways to multiple locations. QTS understand the importance of delivering quality data within short time scales. Using our address matching software and a dedicated data coding team we have the capability, resources and experience to process and turn around large quantities of collected on site interview data and provide reports within extremely tight deadlines




Using both our temporary and permanent Automatic Traffic Counters we offer a simple and cost effective way of collecting bidirectional data on any A or B road. Using Metrocount software we are able to generate both class and speed reports where the parameters can be set to our client’s own specification. Our trained and skilled ATC team, have the experience and knowledge on where to install, how best to set up and operate the counter in order to obtain the most accurate of data on any given site condition.

Public Transport


We have the capacity to undertake complex rail and bus passenger monitoring surveys. In recent studies we have supplied sample passenger OD tracking data, boarding and alighting counts, platform distribution, gate line and station entry/exit data, as well as full interview surveys at complex rail and bus stations and Park and Rides around the U.K. Surveys can be undertaken both manually and where necessary using QTS digital recording technology.


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Newbury Park, Ilford, Essex, IG2 7LR

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